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new reality:

Balance is the new rich

The era of balance

– It is OK to shift goals when new insights become facts. Since 2020 a realization is spreading around the globe. Professionals around the world are waking up to the fact that the way we lived before covid was unsustainable. All work no play makes life unbearable. We don’t want a dream job – we want dream lives.

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The philosophy

As with anything worthwhile, philosophy needs to be T-shaped in the sense that it is broad and deep enough to encapsulate what it tries to solve. This is a new take on how to live a happy life.


ABOUT the founder

Welcome friend.

I am Linus, a strategic designer that grew into a philanthropist and active coach. Remember that you are smart and capable to make up your own mind. How you live your life should be on your terms. Life is a journey and the goal is to fill it with experiences that you learn from, grow from and ultimately enjoy.

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Building blocks for a happy life

Enough+ Topics

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The goal

Balanced life

Combining the 3 circles of life – physical, mental, and financial health – is an art form that can be perfected by anyone. The journey is the goal and the more the merrier.

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Physical health

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Mental health

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Financial health

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Balance is the new rich

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