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The background


Bumps and all

My tweet-length history could be something like this: Grow up wanting to be a painting artist, jumped on the digital wave in the early 1990s. Got rich, got lost, found better reasons (explore and visualize), chose to stay below the radar, get rich again, realize that there are truths worth being known for. Start new company to have the freedom to share, learn and shape the new truths.


As we expand on the topics of how to lead a happy life in balance with ourselves and the things around us, some knowledge can be packaged into guides. Read at your own leisure.

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The co-creative space where I gather the smartest, most humble, and often the nicest people to have in-depth conversations about happiness.

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My Story

To learn, grow, and expand our knowledge of how to become truly happy in our daily lives. It starts with self-leadership and where it ends is part of the journey.